May 13, 2016

Australian Fashion

Australian Fashion

Being an Australian, one of my ultimate favourite things to look out for are events that have any kind of connection to fashion here down under. I really think that I have it covered, from reading the 'style' section of the newspaper every Sunday, to keeping up with Twitter alerts and email notifications; I live for the fashion, art and culture scene here in Australia!

I don't think many people living overseas realise how unique and special the labels, designers and creative ideas are when it comes to fashion over in Aus. Our labels definitely don't get the credit they deserve in my opinion, and it takes quite a lot of work to gain recognition at international events such as NYFW, LFW & PFW. In fact, only a handful of designers and labels have managed to do so, including Collette Dinnigan, Dion Lee and Alex Perry (among others)...

I for one, am so proud of the fashion industry and talent here in Australia, so I have made a post detailing on the ways that I like to keep up with the most important trends, news stories and events. 

For those of you who are wondering, my favourite ways to keep up to date with the newest Australian trends is by:

READING THE NEWSPAPER: I know this might sound kind of lame, but I read The Sunday Telegraph every weekend and the amount of news and information you get to read is just phenomenal! Edwina McCann, the Australian editor-in-chief for Vogue writes a column which is always so interesting to read. You can also read up on the newest sales and events to attend throughout the week ahead. 

MAGAZINES: They say that magazines are going down in popularity due to the Internet, which I agree with, but every now and again I'll fork out a few dollars to buy the most recent issue of Vogue. I have to admit that I'm not the biggest fan of Vogue Australia, so I prefer to read Style (you can get it in The Sunday Telegraph). I love Style magazine the most because their editorials are always so wonderfully styled and photographed. 

ONLINE SHOPPING: Fashion BNKR ( and The Iconic ( are my go-to online stores for scouting out the newest and coolest Australian labels. Fashion BNKR in particular are a favourite of mine, they stock every brand from Finders Keepers to Jaggar, their sales are also ridiculously good so make sure to sign up for their email alerts!

MERCEDES BENZ FASHION WEEK - THE WEBSITE: This site has everything you need to know (! From calendars of events, to trending news in the fashion industry, It's great for keeping up-to-date with everything that's going on. I plan to update everyone on a few MBFWA related things here on my blog (15th-20th May), so this website will be an open tab for me 24/7!

AUSTRALIAN FASHION BLOGS: A few months ago, E! Australia launched a TV show called 'Fashion Bloggers'. This might come as a shock to most people, but I really don't enjoy watching reality TV, however the title of this show caught my attention so I gave it a chance. By watching this show I was able to discover some really talented bloggers, such as Margaret from 'Shine By Three' (, Sarah from 'Harper & Harley' ( and Zanita from 'Zanita Studio' (
They really set the bar high for Australian bloggers, and their street style posts are always so on-trend! I always remind myself to keep up with their blogs for daily doses of inspiration and encouragement to keep my own blog going, what they've all achieved as Australian bloggers is incredible, definitely worth a look!

I've tried my best to make this list as informative as possible for those of you who are wanting to know more about the Fashion industry here in Australia. By all means, if you have any other tips I'd love to hear from you in the comments. I would also love to follow and read some more Australian fashion blogs, so if you are one/know of any, leave me some recommendations!